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21 Sep 2015
Supplies required for making the string bracelet:
- Golden Spacer Bead
- Crimp Bead
- Lobster Claw Clasp
- 0.5mm Tiger Tail Wire
- 1mm Nylon Thread
- Flat Nose Plier
- Scissors

Step1: Increase the risk for spacer bead strand
1st, cut a 50cm long wire and connect a crimp bead at 5cm through the end;
2nd, slide the spacer bead one after one;
3rd, stop in the event the beads strand almost twice the duration of your wrist circumference;
4th, attach another crimp bead at end to prevent beads from dropping and adjusting the tightness among beads on wire.

Step2: Wrap on the string
1st, cut a length of 1mm nylon thread, measuring about 100cm;
2nd, fold it by 50 percent;
3rd, fold you beaded strand as picture shows and loop the thread round the area between first...